Todo lo que necesitas sobre turismo ornitológico

If bird watching, you haven't a great pleasure. There is much to see, hear and learn at the same time for bird watching. Discover many birds of different types and their behaviors. See, for example, a hummingbird protect their territory another facet of what looks like a delicate bird can show.

Go bird watching, have the best experience it along the appropriate equipment as well as his adventures of the synchronization of your output would improve. You also want to know how the biodiversity of birds, which comfortably to identify.

Starting from the observation of birds:

For starters, you should a partnership with professional bird watchers. There are groups that can be connected, such as the Audubon Society and the American Birding Association. They offer not only books, magazines and articles, but they have a list of birds that you can browse. Sometimes they have tours that you can go to get some experience in bird watching.

When and where you watch birds:

Birds can be observed at different times of the day, but sometimes have certain birds are most active. Start, for example, songbirds sing and eat two to three hours before sunset. Short after the dawn, falcons and eagles are you enable, as they are called in the thermal air currents rise. The owls are most active at night, when they search for food, with night vision and shorebirds for food after the flood.

Bird watching in the feeding:

They offer birds, seeds, water, and protection for the birds in your garden or backyard and birds to see, to win. Find in their natural habitat, eating foods that are typically consumed. Songbirds such as seeds and many species of birds such as Niger, sorghum, and sunflower seeds. Peanut butter attracts many birds such as Cardinals, woodpeckers, and climbers, but also as sebum. Hummingbirds are attracted by the colors red and fed a mixture of sugar and water. Some people add a drop of red dye. Birdbaths are a place to see birds, because not only for a drink used, but enjoy splashing on a hot day.

Looking for breeding birds:

Birds that breed in certain times and some migrate to nesting sites. Most of the birds breed in spring and summer for babies are ready for the autumn migration. They are more difficult to identify, as some more colors for the migration, and some larger in the fall.

Watching and birds to identify:

The birds are easily disturbed, so you have to secretly move. Simple search and listen you are to identify a bird: Habitat, silhouette of plumage and colour, behaviour and songs or calls. In addition, can look at the Summit a clue to give and see what they with him do. Woodpeckers have rigid spout splintered wood, hawks, eagles and owls beak to tear apart, have dam severely strained. The most garden birds such as Cardinals, finches and sparrows have conical tip of shorebirds long, lean, sandy and prying open molluscs trench.

Bird watching the gang to bring and bring:

Something you need is, of course, binoculars, cameras and some notes. You should track of the time and activity which saw special birds. You can enter also the characteristics of the birds that are unfamiliar, so that the find may take them later or a guide to bird identification.

Ability to mix in your environment is important, so dress in dull colors. Camouflage is the thing to note, to see most of the birds. Also fabrics, the whispers and hook or Squeak, to scare away birds. You need raincoats, boots and warm clothes. The owls are the best seen and heard at night, so a flashlight can be useful. You should a recorder by hand to songs and chirping birds, who do not recognize, see below.

After your experience bird watching:

This is a time to go through your notes to see if you can identify the birds that are unfamiliar. Might want to get a tape of bird different songs and calls to help in the identification. Also your guide box must go through you, which shows the properties of certain birds and detailed images.

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